From This Moment On

Stephanie Milam
Professional Bridal Consultant™


Hey Stephanie, 

I am so thrilled that I was able to find Stephanie to help with my wedding planning. I decided to use Stephanie for the wedding weekend package, and it was really perfect for what I was looking for. My mom and I always say how we cannot imagine how things would have worked out if we had not had Stephanie!

As I was fine selecting most of my vendors and making most of the major plans, I really needed someone to answer questions and also be on site for the weekend. Stephanie really exceeded my expectations. She was always so helpful whenever I had questions, and she was even able to point me in the right direction on certain vendor selections that I needed help with, like the linens. She was always very timely about getting back to me, and very helpful at looking at the vendor contracts as well and pointing out things I would have never noticed! I had no idea how complicated things would be a few weeks before the wedding. I have a very busy job, so it was hard for me to keep up with the numerous emails from the wedding venue, so she was also very good at coordinating with the venue planner! She was also great at making a very detailed timeline that helped keep things very organized the day of the wedding.

It was such a relief to be able to hand over everything to her at the wedding weekend, and she did a great job coordinating with the other vendors to make sure everything was on time and ran smoothly. We even had to switch churches a few months before the wedding, and she was so helpful at getting everything in order with the new church staff. This really helped alleviate a lot of the stress I had leading up to the wedding, as there are so many details to think about. To this day my family and I get so many compliments on how nice our wedding was...many people have even said it was the nicest wedding they had been to (and I did have a budget!). Investing in a planner like this in my opinion is well worth was really my dream wedding, and I know it would not have been nearly as great without Stephanie's help! I definitely would recommend her to any of my friends!


“Dear Stephanie – Thank you so much for helping to plan the most beautiful wedding! It was everything I hoped for and so much more!! I know that your help was indispensable to my mom, and she raved on and on about your amazing ideas, composure and punctuality. We couldn’t have pulled it off without you! Everyone who had the pleasure of meeting with you sang your praises and will most surely refer you to all the brides they know! Thank you for being so very sweet, organized and for taking some of the burden off my mother.”


When my daughter first became engaged, I was a little concerned by all that goes into planning a wedding. A friend told me that one of the best investments you could make was a good wedding planner. How right she was! With Stephanie as our wedding planner, we received great suggestions, fabulous vendors, and a wonderful experience. From start to finish, she was there to guide and help me.

When the actual wedding week arrived, I put my worries aside and left everything to Stephanie. My confidence was well placed as everything went off as planned! The bride and groom were thrilled, the guests seemed to have a great time, and no MOB (mother of the bride) ever had more fun.

I highly recommend Stephanie. She is extremely capable and a delight to work with!


“Dear Stephanie – Thank you very much for all of your help for the past 14+ months. Your work definitely helped make our wedding perfect, and our beautiful memories are sure to last a lifetime! Thank you again for being such a big part of our wedding planning!”

Erin and Rob

Dear Stephanie:

I want to express my appreciation for guiding us through the wedding planning process which created an enjoyable and stress-free experience. Any mother-of-the-bride needs to know that hiring you is money well spent on their daughter’s wedding.

Your checklists and timeline kept us on task, every vendor you referred proved to be top-notch, by taking everything off my hands the week of the wedding helped calm my nerves, and you made sure every small detail we planned or requested was fulfilled as promised. Honestly, I don’t know all the problems that you handled on the wedding day because I was busy being pampered in our suite and enjoying a tranquil day with my daughter and her bridesmaids. What a testimony to you that we enjoyed such a peaceful day because we knew that you were managing our plans and the vendors.

Thank you again for your professionalism and attention to detail which allowed us the opportunity to enjoy a magical, memorable wedding that our families will cherish for a lifetime. Please pass my name on to future clients who would like a referral. You are the best!



“Dear Stephanie - Thank you so much for making our special day run so smoothly. We really appreciate your hard work and organization, and we know our parents especially enjoyed having your help. We felt the whole day was so calm and we know it was all because you had everything under control. We will definitely be giving your name to our family and friends who will be planning a wedding in the future. Thanks again!”

Natalie and Ricky

Oh my Stephanie, you are amazing! Wow!

We obviously could NOT have made this oh so special occasion as special without your expert guidance and hard work. You just know what needs to be done and you do it. AND you do everything with such grace and apparent ease and calm. You really made us feel good about the decisions that we made. Thank you Thank you for all your hard work, and I do mean hard. We had so much fun and you contributed to our happiness in a very big way. I would so happily recommend you to everyone who is recently engaged.  "From this moment on" you are the Queen of the wedding coordinators!!!!!!!!!! Bless you




After just our first conversation, I felt confident that I had found the perfect coordinator for Melissa and Matt's wedding—and I was right!  I cannot thank you enough for all of your advice, help and patience in planning their wedding.  

I appreciate all of the time you put into organizing and directing the wedding rehearsal, contacting and working with all of my vendors and the hotel staff, creating the very detailed Time Line, setting up all of the special wedding details and coordinating the wedding ceremony and reception. 

Your preparation was clearly demonstrated—like when you came to Andrew's rescue when a button popped off of his vest just before the ceremony began!  Thank goodness for your bridal emergency kit, because it came in handy more than once that day!  At every point, your professionalism, poise, attention to the smallest detail and organizational skills enabled us to just relax and enjoy the wedding as we knew you were there to handle any matters that might arise!

Thanks for giving us such wonderful memories of Melissa and Matt's wedding!


Oh Stephanie!

You did an amazing job! What a gift from God you were to us all and we thank you for orchestrating every detail and taking the pressure off of us. Your attention to detail was evident throughout and having you and your daughter there to help out was perfect!

Thank you for everything and for making it Ginny's most glorious day ever! The Lord orchestrated it all and we give Him all the glory and He used you to make it happen!

In Christ's love and with much gratitude,


Stephanie – There are no words to express how much your assistance, guidance, suggestions, detail notations… and I could fill the page! You have made the wedding what it is!



“My daughter and I loved working with Stephanie.  She made wonderful suggestions and double and triple checked every last detail and vendor.  We have a huge family and juggling all of them can be dicey.  Stephanie never batted an eye.  I got to go to the wedding and have a wonderful and relaxed time.  Never would I have expected my daughter’s wedding to be so incredibly much fun for me!  It was wonderful to just hand it all over on the day of the wedding.”

“The consultant fee was definitely the most worthwhile expense in the whole wedding budget.  Stephanie was amazing as well as fun.  I have another daughter and Stephanie will be my first call when we have our next wedding.”


"Our wedding was the best night of my life! Everything went exactly as I envisioned it thanks to Stephanie.  She was with us every step of the way, thinking of details we had forgotten, handling arrangements with our vendors, and creating a detailed timeline so everyone was on the same page.  On the day of the wedding, my mom and I were able to enjoy our day completely worry-free because Stephanie took care of everything!  At the reception she made sure everything we discussed went as planned--I didn't have to keep the timeline in my head because she was there to remind me.  I am so glad that we found her--she was absolutely crucial to making our wedding perfect!"


"Stephanie was a delight! She was just perfect for us!! Everyone has different needs from a wedding coordinator, and she was exactly what we needed. During most of our wedding planning, I would ponder .. do we need a coordinator and if so, which one? God truly answered my prayers at the right time and gave us Stephanie. She did things for us that normally would not be within a coordinator's list of services. I so appreciated her flexibility, and I never heard the words.. "That is not in my contract."  She was always very punctual and very organized!  Most of her assistance was the week of the wedding! We could not have done it without her! She mainly was such a big help for me...simply trying to get everything done in a timely manner! On our daughter's wedding day, I felt almost as if I was Queen for the Day!! She literally was my assistant all day! And "WHEN THE CLOCK STRUCK TWELVE, IT ALL CAME TO AN END." I often have told Stephanie that I surely do miss her! I would love to give her a list each day!! Yes, yes, we definitely would use her again!!"